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We started with intentions to talk about crowdfunding & angel investing but then the Reddit WallStreetBets furor erupted around Gamestop.  We discuss the implications for the Silver market, much manipulated by JP Morgan particularly as evidenced by the nearly $1 billion fine they paid recently.  What does it mean for Bitcoin and Gold?  The other big news is that Elon Musk changed his Twitter profile bio to contain just one word and that word was Bitcoin, prompting a jump of over $6000 overnight.  Then finally, we get around to talking about Pete’s investigations into buying a business or website outright that is already creating income, that we could possibly upgrade for ‘higher and better use’.  We live in interesting times indeed!

#wallstreetbets #gamestop #bitcoin #elonmusk

Entrepreneurs Nicola Cairncross & Pete Jenkins get together to discuss entrepreneurship, business success, personal development, investing, sci-fi, gamification, Bitcoin & crypto, food & wine and playing poker.

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